Several bills introduced in Senate

The Senate resumed its session at the Parliament House in Islamabad on Monday afternoon with Chairman Sadiq Sanjrani in the chair.

Several bills were introduced in the House today. These include; "The Imports and Exports (Control) (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The Civil Servants (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The Cutting of Trees (Prohibition) (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The Pakistan Ehsaas Targeted Subsidies (Riayat) Programme Bill, 2023", "The Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Bill, 2023", and "The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023".

Besides, "The Pakistan Emergency Treatment Coverage Programme Bill, 2023", "The National Security Council (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The National Database and Registration Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The Limited Liability Partnership (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The Injured Persons (Medical Aid) (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The Islamabad Capital Territory Charities Registration, Regulation and Facilitation (Amendment) Bill, 2023", "The Islamabad Capital Territory Protection of Breast-Feeding and Child Nutrition Bill, 2023", "The Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2023", and "The Pakistan Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, 2023", were also introduced in the Senate."

The chair referred the bills to the standing committee concerned.

The House will now meet again tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning.

Source: Radio Pakistan