LDA Launches Mega Road Project in Lahore

Interim Chief Minister (CM) Mohsin Naqvi inaugurated a groundbreaking infrastructure project aimed at enhancing transportation and connectivity for the people of Punjab. In a ceremony held on Sunday, CM Naqvi laid the foundation stone for the ambitious 7.3-kilometer Controlled Access Bund Road Corridor project.

During the event, CM Naqvi received a comprehensive briefing from the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Chief Engineer regarding the two-phase project’s scope and objectives.

The Controlled Access Corridor will be divided into two packages: the first phase, spanning from Niazi Chowk to Saggian Interchange, and the second phase, extending from Saggian Interchange to Babu Sabu Interchange. This dual high-rise road will consist of four lanes, accompanied by the construction of roads in the vicinity and nine pedestrian and dual traffic subways.

The project’s completion is anticipated within a rapid four-month timeline, promising significant savings in time and fuel costs for commuters. Additionally, it is expected to reduce traffic accidents and environmental pollution, benefitting the region’s overall quality of life.

CM Naqvi emphasized the project’s importance, highlighting its role in completing Lahore’s traffic circle and significantly improving accessibility throughout the city. The CM expressed optimism about the project’s swift completion, with a target to finish it before December, ultimately providing Lahore residents with efficient access to the motorway.

Furthermore, CM Naqvi touched on international collaborations, mentioning discussions on technology transfer with China and the establishment of working groups to reform medical universities in Punjab. Notably, he also celebrated the recent ‘Sister Cities’ agreement between Sahiwal and Bahawalpur with Chinese cities.

In a message commemorating International Newspaper Readership Day, CM Naqvi emphasized the enduring significance of newspapers as an authentic source of accurate information. He recognized newspapers’ vital role in promoting democratic values and historical awareness, underscoring their continued relevance despite the rise of digital media.

CM Naqvi’s commitment to infrastructure development and acknowledgment of the enduring value of newspapers reflect his dedication to enhancing the lives of Punjab’s residents and ensuring access to reliable information. The Controlled Access Bund Road Corridor project stands as a testament to his vision for a more connected and accessible Punjab.

Source: Pro Pakistani