Govt Warns After Sudden Rise of 12 New Obscene and Vulgar Chat Apps

The federal government has issued a stern advisory warning against the proliferation of Dubious Adult Chat Applications, citing concerns over national security.

The advisory highlights the emergence of 12 new malicious applications, allegedly utilized by Hostile Intelligence Agencies (HIAs) to conduct espionage activities and gather sensitive information.

This development follows the identification of 120 previously flagged malicious apps, indicating a persistent threat to both civilian and armed forces personnel. The newly identified applications reportedly function as chat-cum-hacking tools, designed to ensnare unsuspecting individuals and extract classified data through technical or coercive means such as blackmail.

In response to these alarming revelations, the advisory instructs individuals who may have inadvertently installed any of the malicious apps to take immediate action. This includes documenting the contact details of those who shared the app links, disconnecting infected devices from the int
ernet, and notifying relevant authorities within their organizations.

Furthermore, the advisory outlines a series of precautionary measures aimed at mitigating the risk posed by such applications. Recommendations include exercising caution when granting app permissions, sourcing applications exclusively from official stores, and regularly updating antivirus software. Additionally, users are urged to scrutinize app details and user feedback before downloading, as well as to refrain from engaging in potentially exploitative activities.

The advisory underscores the collective responsibility of both government and private entities in safeguarding against cyber threats. Federal and provincial ministries are urged to disseminate the advisory widely and ensure the implementation of necessary protective measures across all affiliated departments.

Source: ProPakistani