IMF reiterates its commitment to help Pakistan in difficult time

Managing Director International Monetary Fund Ms Kristalina Georgieva called Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif over telephone and reiterated her commitment to help Pakistan in the difficult period.

She also expressed her deep sympathy and concern on the human and material losses due to the recent floods.

The Prime Minister thanked the Managing Director for her concern on the fallout of the floods and extended invitation to the MD IMF to participate in the Climate Resilient Pakistan Conference at Geneva.

The M.D. IMF thanked the Prime Minister for the invitation but explained that as the IMF Board meetings had been prefixed for Monday and Tuesday, she will only be able to join the conference virtually.

The Prime Minister assured the MD IMF that Pakistan is committed to successfully completing the ongoing IMF programme and thanked the Ms Kristalina Georgieva for her understanding and empathy of the challenges that Pakistan has been facing.

Source: Radio Pakistan