Masood urges world to contribute to post flood reconstruction

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan says the country is living with the consequences of worst climate induced disaster and needs immediate help of the international community.

In an interview to one of the leading media outlets of the United States Public Broadcasting Service, in Washington, he expressed the hope that under the leadership of the United Nations, United Nations Secretary General and with the convening power of states like the United States, Pakistan would be able to get the required support during the Geneva conference.

He said we hope that we would be able to get pledges for the bulk of the requirements for rehabilitation and reconstruction. He said Pakistan needs this assistance in the next three years to build climate resilient infrastructure and to preserve what we already have.

Thanking the United States for its generous and prompt response to the humanitarian needs in the initial phase of relief and recovery, Masood Khan said that the US would announce a substantial contribution to our endeavor in Geneva, convene its power with other governments and with the international financial institutions and would be a partner in our climate resilient efforts.

On creation of loss and damage fund during recently held COP 27 meeting, Masood Khan said that creation of loss and damage was an achievement in itself but the fund itself had to be funded. He said we will have to repurpose international community's resources to support this fund.

He said that we have mobilized all our resources but we need the help of the international community particularly for this year.

Source: Radio Pakistan