Tahir Ashrafi dismayed at unruly incident at Masjid e Nabawi (SAWW)

Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi has expressed displeasure at the raising of slogans by few Pakistanis at the Masjid e Nabawi (PBUH) and said these people disrespected the holy mosque and Pakistan.

In a video statement, he said at Masjid e Nabawi (PBUH) Muslims were meant to bow their heads and lower their voices instead of raising dirty slogans and hurling allegations at the time of Iftar on 27th of Ramazan.

He said those who indulged in this behaviour dishonoured their country.

He said the small groups of people who raised slogans disrespected the holy mosque.

He said those who violated laws of the Muslim countries previously were in jail and the local authorities were not agreeing to release them and now again these people will be in trouble.

Source: Radio Pakistan